Hanamaru Auto Auction Malaysia

Hanamaru Online Car Auction Malaysia has been in the automobile industry in Japan for more than 20 years. We specialize in the purchasing of
Salvage Cars, Breakdown Cars, Used and Damaged Cars from reliable suppliers and sell it through our online marketplace.
We have been constantly expanding our online car auctions in Malaysia and around the world, and are confident with our rich experience and
using our knowledge and skills to develop the auctions market for automobile industry in Malaysia.

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Hanamaru Auction: Online Tender for 2th June Starts Now!

哈喽,又到大家所期待的星期五了,我们将在今天开始本期的线上投标会喔! 本期将会拍卖哪个车款呢?答案是丰田Hilux, Volvo XC90, 宝马X6, 宝马X5,宝马330e, 宝马530i,本田Insight, 2022本田City HB,本田思域,丰田Avanza, 丰田Yaris, 还有日产Almera, 三菱Outlander,宝腾Inspira,宝腾Saga等等更多车子! 一切尽在我们的官网.
  • Avatarby Marcus Wong
  • Jun 02, 2023

Hanamaru Auction: Online Tender for 26th May Starts Now!

在来临的周末该做什么好呢!?不妨到我们网站 www.hanamaruauction.my 查看本期正在举行线上投标会里的车子吧! 这一期我们将拍卖哪款车子呢?我们将在本周开始拍宝马X5, 宝马3系-E90 & F30, 丰田Yaris, 本田HR-V,本田City,马自达2,三菱Triton, 三菱Expander, 标致408, 丰田Vios,本田CR-V, 大众Passat,.
  • Avatarby Marcus Wong
  • May 26, 2023

Hanamaru Auction: Online Tender for 19th May Starts Now!

今天是星期五了,我们将在今天开跑本周的线上投标活动! Hanamaru Auction 在本期准备了宝马X6,宝马3系,丰田Yaris, 本田City, 本田Insight,本田CR-V,本田Jazz, 三菱Triton, 三菱Expander,大众Passat, 日产Livina, Daihatsu GranMax, Proton Saga,.
  • Avatarby Marcus Wong
  • May 19, 2023
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